This article is one in a series on writing virtual Storport miniport drivers for Windows. In fact, if we wanted to, there would be no reason why we couldn’t communicate with a user mode service or some other driver on the system to provide access to our storage. If, for example, we were presenting a locally based file as a SCSI disk, then we would probably be doing file operations to satisfy the requested operation. As the names imply, static devices are not removable and are always present, while dynamic devices can arrive and depart. Everything Windows Driver Development.

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Do you find anything missing? This means that for any SRB we scsiport miniport complete immediately, we must have a way of processing it at a later time. SpecificLuExtensionSize scsiport miniport indicates the size, in bytes, of the virtual adapter’s per logical unit storage area.

Bring us your most challenging project – we can help! AdapterInterfaceType – this indicates to Storport the bus that the miniport’s scsiport miniport adapter resides on.

What is a StorPort Driver?

One thing that it scsiport miniport not provide is help in hardware management we’re implementing a virtual miniport remember! Via another driver, kernel APIs, or sxsiport user mode entity? Since we are implementing a virtual adapter, we can set this to any value we want, however being muniport restrictive is probably best. All our miniport needs to do is fill in the fields that the driver wants to use. To scsipogt out which, you need to scsiport miniport a reference guide or examine the existing Microsoft Disk, Tape, and CD-ROM class drivers the source code for these are contained within the WDK to figure out what needs to be handled.

CachesData – the setting of this scsiport miniport to TRUE indicates that scsiport miniport miniport’s virtual adapter caches data and will cause Storport to notify the miniport when file system scsiport miniport flushes or shutdowns occur. The Storport driver will ensure that any buffers provided are aligned on at least this boundary.

Storage Miniport Drivers | Microsoft Docs

If this is not set to TRUE, the virtual adapter will not fully initialize. If on the other hand our devices are dynamic, scsiport miniport we’ll need to have a way to know scsiport miniport those dynamic devices have arrived or have departed, and notify Storport of those occurrences. Finally, we have to determine how the request is going to be performed.

That other driver could be for some scsiport miniport device that exports both network and SCSI functionality scsiport miniport exists as a virtual bus driver which creates a virtual PDO that our miniport will be loaded to handle. This routine is called after HwStorFindAdapter successfully returns and its purpose is to initialize the miniport and to find all devices that are of interest to it. Since we are implementing a miniport for this virtual adapter, we should set this field to Internal.

Since we are implementing a miniport for this virtual adapter, we should set this field to Internal MultipleRequestsPerLun – must be set to TRUE, and indicates that the miniport’s virtual adapter can queue multiple requests per logical unit.

This routine is called by Storport to clear any error conditions that exist scsiport miniport the bus. A Storport miniport scsiport miniport must conform to defined Storport rules in order to provide the services that the adapter, whether virtual or physical, offers to the operating system.

Static or Dynamic How a resource becomes scsiport miniport to Storport is worthy of discussion. In particular, this driver is engineered to better the overall performance of the SANs, also referred to as the storage area network.

Making SCSI Port Miniport Drivers Work with Storport

Everything Windows Scsiport miniport Scisport. How the virtual adapter is initialized will depend upon the design of the miniport being developed.

Handling Failure Failures in the storage stack are not well tolerated. In this article we discussed the architecture, flow of control, and key routines to scsiport miniport implemented when developing a miniport. The design of our miniport would impact what we would set for this field.

Thus, when designing our driver we must ensure that we have all the resources necessary to process a request in place before initiating the request. MaximumNumberOfTargets scsiport miniport this field indicates the maximum number of devices that can be found on a bus.

Can we use system worker threads, create our own thread pool, or is somebody else processing the request? Svsiport this may sound daunting, remember that as a virtual miniport you have the full set of Kernel APIs and other drivers in the system to help you perform your work. Scsiport miniport values are 0 byte aligned1 word scsiport miniport3 long aligned and 7 longlong aligned.

Emulex Light Pulse HBA – SCSIport Miniport Driver

Process scsiport miniport Search for another process e. It contains an operation code, buffers and parameters that describe the request.

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