Image 4 of 6 The Xtreme sound module is home to more than 2, voices. The mesh head are not the same as the look. Could anyone give me advice on which way to go? I’m going to buy a TD as soon as I can. And, of course, Yamaha cater to the needs of electro lovers with beat-box derived kicks, snares and cymbal sounds.

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The generously sized snare and tom pads the Yamaha dtxtreme iis toms are 10″, the TPSD snare is 12″ and the businesslike RS rack are imposing enough to get close to the feeling of being surrounded by the kit, as opposed to being perched behind a collection of over sized switches, and the fact that the RHH hi-hat pad mounts yamaha dtxtreme iis a normal hat stand only adds to the grown-up feel.

So massive is the kit’s user manual that it almost acts as yamaha dtxtreme iis deterrent to actually getting stuck in and learning the ins and outs of the module. Module was a bit dated, however; and I could not get over the cymbals and hihat controller.

Yamaha DTXTREME IIS Electronic Drum Set | Guitar Center

The Xtreme sound module is home to more than 2, voices, created by a bit AWM2 tone generator and organised into 90 yamaaha preset drum kits 40 user programmable kits are also available. See the next page for more information on sampling. Yamaha dtxtreme iis is what you get And the kit proves to be just that. They bounce like a tennis racket. Hope all goes well for ya Kev.


Shop New, Used and Vintage Gear. Each of the cables that run between pads and head is clearly labelled, and a plastic yamaha dtxtreme iis snake’ in which to stow all yamaha dtxtreme iis wiring dtctreme also included to tidy things up.

I am considering doing something similar dtxtremw what Knipe did and run redundant modules, one roland and one Yammie to take advantage of all they have to offer Do not get me wrong.

And, of course, Yamaha cater to the needs of electro lovers with beat-box derived kicks, snares and cymbal sounds.


Although it might not excite much in terms of sounds, and the disappointing hi-hat response lets it down, yamaha dtxtreme iis big DTX already has a legion of fans for whom it meets demands perfectly. Both Roland and Yamaha use rubber pads for their cheaper models which is fine, but there is one in all honesty beter but more expensive solution, the mesh pads.

I have them set up as yamaha dtxtreme iis Drums felt excellent – arguably the best dtxtreje anything I’ve tried. Upgrades include a curved rack, great-feeling pads, sampling capabilities, and a selection of drum voices from dtstreme award-winning Yamaha MOTIF synthesizer. I would love to hear any thoughts on this question.

Search in titles only Search in Products only Search. It works great, but I want to spend my time honing my guitar pla I just don’t know how the pads would feel day after yamaha dtxtreme iis. Sorry for the cluttered photos.

As one of the runners in what is pretty much a two-horse electronic percussion race, Yamaha placed great store on dtxtre,e success of this e-kit. So we’ll say that the majority of acoustic kits are pretty decent, with a tendency to sound quite produced in as much as they give the impression of yamaha dtxtreme iis sheen of studio compression and EQyamaha dtxtreme iis that we really liked some of the ethnic stuff. Soft, 3-zone rubber pads offer players the ultimate in performance comfort, dtxtremee feel, and rebound.

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This piece is a PCY ride cymbal. They all work great.

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Above is a video of the exact set I acquired with all pads being played yamaha dtxtreme iis tested. For out of box user friendliness Gear was in my blood. But of course the pads and rack are only half the deal, and they’re nothing without the brain.

The 3-zone Ride is particularly impressive, as it’s probably the most natural feeling and playing electronic cymbal to date.